Arrive in Style at Tunis-Carthage International Airport: Your Gateway to Tunisia

If you’re planning a trip to Tunisia, your journey starts with a visit to Tunis-Carthage International Airport, the main international airport serving the country. This airport is one of Bambi’s top pick destinations in Tunisia, offering visitors a seamless travel experience and easy access to some of the country’s most beautiful attractions.

Location and Getting There

Tunis-Carthage International Airport is located just 8 kilometers (4.97 miles) from the city center of Tunis, making it a convenient gateway to the city and surrounding areas. The airport is served by numerous airlines, including Tunisair, Air France, Lufthansa, and more.

Arrival and Departure

Upon arrival, visitors will find the airport to be clean, modern, and efficient, with a range of amenities to make their journey comfortable and stress-free. The airport features numerous restaurants and cafes, duty-free shops, currency exchange services, and more. Visitors can also take advantage of the airport’s free Wi-Fi to stay connected with loved ones or plan their itinerary.

Insider Tips and Fun Itinerary

  1. If you’re arriving in Tunis during the summer months, be sure to take advantage of the airport’s air conditioning to beat the heat.
  2. Make sure to have your travel documents and identification ready when going through customs and security.
  3. After your flight, consider taking a taxi or arranging for hotel transportation to your destination, as public transportation can be limited.
  4. If you have a layover or some extra time before your departure, explore the airport’s many amenities or take a short taxi ride into the city to explore Tunis’ vibrant markets and historic sites.


Tunis-Carthage International Airport is the perfect gateway to Tunisia’s many wonders, and with its modern amenities and convenient location, it’s sure to provide a seamless travel experience for visitors from around the world. Follow our insider tips and fun itinerary to make the most of your time at the airport, and let Tunis-Carthage International Airport be the start of your Tunisian adventure.

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